Nowadays the demand for a washing machine is increasing in every household. Which was earlier only in the countries of America and Europe. And in the house where both husband and wife work and there is a shortage of time, then the washing machine remains a means of saving time in the work of laundry. In the market, you will find many models of many companies with type, load, capacity, function, and other specifications. In which it becomes important to know which washing machine will be better for you in your budget.

But when you read this article, all your doubts will be cleared. And you will be able to select a better buy new washing machine for yourself.

So let us now help you to select your new washing machine.

Which capacity washing machine would be right for your family?

Before selecting any washing machine, it becomes important for you to know how much capacity the washing machine will be right for your family. Because a washing machine of more capacity will save more space in your house and energy will also be spent more. So choose the capacity of which washing machine is right for you.

Type of washing machine

According to the specifications of the washing machine, its tub, the way to use it, there are mainly two types of washing machines. From this, you can choose any washing machine according to your need and budget.

  1. Semi Automatic
  2. Fully Automatic

1. Semi Automatic

Semi-automatic washing machines are mainly entry-level washing machines. Contains two tubs. One that is meant for washing clothes is called a ‘washing tub’. And the second one which is used for drying clothes is called ‘Drying Tub’.

In a semi-automatic washing machine, you have to put the clothes in the washing tub for washing clothes and then put them with your hands in another drawing tub to dry them. Meaning that your need remains on it and you have to work manually.

In comparison to other types of washing machines, in a semi-automatic washing machine, you can control the amount of water spent. And the main advantage is that you will get it cheap.

Generally, the price of a semi-automatic washing machine is between 6000 to 12000.

2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A fully Automatic Washing Machine works as per its name. Meaning you put clothes in the machine and press the button, then you do not need to do anything. There is only one tub in a fully automatic washing machine, in which both washing and drying work are done. So that you do not have to worry about putting clothes from one tub to another. Water also uses its own accord. Meaning that your work gets done to a great extent. There are also two types of fully automatic washing machines. It depends on whether you put the clothes on the top side or from the front side.

A fully automatic washing machine is more energy-efficient than its rival semi-automatic washing machine and also consumes more water.

  1. Top Load Washing Machine
  2. Front Load Washing Machine

1. Top Load Washing Machine

By the way, you must have come to know by the name of top load washing machine. In this top load washing machine, clothes are put from the top ie from the top. Top load washing machines have a single tub in which both washing and drawing take place. The control of water also gets done according to the washing. Top load washing machines are easier to use and cheaper than front load washing machines. But it has more efficient washing programs than a front load washing machine.

The price of the top load washing machine ranges from 9000 to 36000.

2. Front Load Washing Machine

According to its name in front load washing machine, you can put clothes from the front. In this washing machine, you have to bend a little to put the clothes in the tub. Front-load washing machines also have a single tub. In which washing and drawing take place. The front-load washing machine has many other functions/features. Nowadays front load washing machines come with advanced technology. In which 30+ wash programs, child lock, hot water, etc. come with features.

Front-load washing machines cost between 20000 to 80000.

What else do I need to know about the washing machine?

We keep telling you in each of our buying guides that you must first make your budget and stick to it. Don’t run after any other brand. And third, always buy more energy star products so that you can get electricity bill. Along with that capacity, semi and fully, top and front, easy use, there are other features/functions that you should consider while getting a new washing machine.

child lock :

If you have children in your house or if your house is full of children, then according to us this feature must be in your washing machine. So that no untoward incident happens.

Wash setting:

Many washing machines come with a wash program. By setting which you can set the program according to the type of clothes according to you.

spin cycle :

With the spin cycle feature, you can set the spin cycle according to your clothes (Jeans, Cotton, Woolen, etc.). Many fabrics can be washed at 300 rpm, and for some, you may need to increase the spin cycle to 1000 rpm.

Washing machine drum material

Washing machine drums are available in many types of materials. Such as, plastic, stainless steel and porcelain enamel. Out of these, the washing machine with stainless steel drum is expensive in price. But together he walks for a very long time. Porcelain Enamel Drum Washing Machine has a low cost as well as low durability.

Pre – Soak

In this feature, you can first soak your clothes in the washing machine according to your time. After that, the wash cycle will start automatically.

time delay This feature gives you the freedom to do laundry at particular times. You can wash the clothes by setting the time delay according to you.