Being married for one year is easy, but those 12 months are full of challenges. They are 365 days of adaptation in which they may drag a theme from their link, such as what to do with the wedding dress and what will be the best location to keep it well. Perhaps they are still in the furnishing stage, defining their style and seeing if the painting with the bridal bouquet with dried flowers fits well on the living room wall.

They can also be seen in the process of understanding why you sleep like this, exchanging loving thoughts and, it could happen, disagreeing about how you arrange the pantry. Not a little? To celebrate this beautiful stage, we bring you these eight gifts with which you can surprise your partner with ultimate surprise gifts for anniversary.

Paper gifts

The first wedding anniversary is known as “paper weddings”, so it would be great if the gift was made of this material. There are options from the most traditional, such as a letter, to other more elaborate, such as dedicating a book with personal love poems. You can arrange this for a surprise gift on marriage

1. The traditional letter

The love letter is inevitable. It does not matter how you make it, whether simple to express only your short love thoughts on a sheet of paper or one with more dedication in which you show your talent in crafts or, at least, your good intention. This can be the main gift or a perfect accompaniment to another gift.

2. Album of lovers

Surely you have many photographs that you have not printed, a year before the wedding and from that big day. Make an album in which you put the photos in chronological order.

Choose those in which she looks wonderful in that cocktail dress, but also in which she looks natural or from some funny or compromising moment that you remember. It will be fun to see how they have evolved as a couple.

3. Love puzzle

Find or take a special photo for you both of you are fantastic. It may be the one that was taken in the restaurant where the engagement ring was delivered or some image that feels special but is of good quality. The same vendor that you entrusted with your original wedding favors can take care of printing that photo into a custom puzzle. Can you imagine the face your partner will make when he begins to see the signs of their faces? You will love it! Celebrate with surprise gifts for lovers.

4. Box of surprises

In a totally closed wooden box, put 12 pieces of paper with signs that contain a prize or detail for your partner. For example, a foot massage, an invitation to his favourite restaurant,

buy him the shirt of his favorite team … Anyway, whatever you can think of and that you can fulfill, of course. Your partner will have to take a piece of paper every month on the same

day of their anniversary and demand their prize. Do you dare?

5. Poetry to celebrate

Select 12  poems or songs that you dedicate to the love of your life and make him a book. If you have a talent for writing, fine-tune your pen. If not, you can be inspired by authors. Surely those words, songs and book fragments that were used as texts for wedding invitations still resonate in your memory. And surely some others dismissed them as too intimate to share with their loved ones. Now is the time!

6- Jewels

A jewel is a unique piece that has the power to concentrate a symbol, an emotion, a bond between two people. Just as the circumference of white gold engagement rings and wedding bands evokes eternity and that necklace loaned to the bride can summarize the history of a family, choose which jewel will crystallize that first year of marriage.

7. Churumbela

Do you want to show off a jewel? The ideal engagement gifts are the famous churumbelas, rings in which a stone is placed for each engagement. In addition to being beautiful in your hand, along with the Tiffany engagement ring and wedding band, it will be exciting to have the stone placed every year.

These are some beautiful amazing gift ideas for your marriage anniversary that you can gift to your loved ones and to your partner.