If you have a car then you need to replace the car battery after a certain period, and it is always recommended that you should do a regular check-up of your battery so that you can buy a new car battery at the right time. Buying a battery at the right time saves you from a situation where your battery is dead, and your car is not starting.  There are several car battery dealers available in your locality and you can easily buy a new car battery from them. But you do know that you can replace your existing battery to avail some discounts on a new battery? Most of the retail shops do not provide you this facility and you can easily save your cost by purchasing a new car battery from online.

#5 Tips to Choose the Best Car Battery

  1. Know the Technicalities: Buying a car battery of less power will make you buy another one pretty soon and buying a battery of too much power will cost you a lot of money. That’s why it becomes very important to know the technicalities before buying a car battery.

The battery which you got along with your vehicle is the right battery for your car. So refer to the user manual of your car to know the correct specifications of your car battery. If you do not understand the technical specification, then you can take help from your car mechanics. They will guide you to choose the best car battery according to your car model and engine specification.

  1. Buy from a Reputed Dealer: Don’t buy any battery from any dealer. Always buy batteries from a reputed and authorized dealer. Cheap batteries won’t last much and most of them don’t have any warranty period. Buying batteries of branded companies will get you a quality car battery which will last long. The life expectancy of a branded car battery is usually five years.
  2. Compare the Old and New Battery: Take out your old car battery and compare it with the new one. Compare the size, configuration, and the shape of the battery. If anyone of them doesn’t match, then the new one is not the one for your car. Even you cannot install a large battery in your small car and every car has some specifications for its battery. So you can read the car manual or contact with the mechanics to know more about the car battery.
  3. Check the Warranty Good batteries are costly but come with a longer warranty period. The longer the warranty period of the battery the batter the battery is. A longer warranty period means that the manufacturer is confident about its product. Batteries come with a warranty period written in the format of 36/84. This means that if your battery gets damaged within 36 months you will get a new one from the company free of cost. 84 indicate the prorated warranty period.
  4. Maintenance There are two types of battery available. One is maintenance-free and the other requires maintenance. The maintenance-free batteries are a bit more expensive but keep you free from the regular maintenance. You don’t have to check the battery level from time to time.

Your new battery should be powerful enough to fulfill your car’s requirements. Buying a battery of lesser power will affect your car’s performance. The size and the shape of the new battery should be according to your car. Any loosely fit battery can give unnecessary troubles. Take into consideration the weather conditions in which you drive. Extreme weather conditions can damage your battery. So buy batteries that can withstand extreme weather conditions.