It is obvious that innovation and creativity are needed to achieve an effective web design, but that does not remove the investment of time, analysis, and it requires finances. In order to optimize the investments to be undertaken in designing a website, there are some important points to understand before you work for web designing Dubai.

Text vs. Image

In terms of web design, the text captures the attention before the image, although they may seem contradictory, the first thing that catches the attention of a visitor is page text, some people may differ to this opinion, But you must not forget that the first thing that motivates a user to visit a website is access to information; thus, highlight through attractive headlines areas where the relevant content can be placed.

Remember that it does not mean that images are not important, in fact, they are, so use them as they should be but do not clutter your web page with only one thing.

Upper Left Area

The movement of the eyes on a webpage begins from the upper left of the area of the page and realizing this fact is essential to determine the layout of your website. The essential elements of the web page must be located at the top of the page.

The Ineffectiveness of the Banners

Studies have been unanimous that the banners do not attract the attention of users instead they may create the impression of a sale. For this reason, the location and types of ads that make up your advertising should be treated as its look and feel of your site, so be innovative and creative and always look for the integration of advertising with different areas of the website.

The Web Design Does Not Set Font and Its Color

According to the statistics, users tend to ignore the fonts on the web which are too big and colorful so you need to keep a classic design with the relevant font and color scheme.

Use of Numbers vs. Letters

Remember that simplicity is one of the fundamental pillars of attracting the readers and the use of numbers in the bullet points is better than letters as it is more convenient to realize the number of points when they are written in numbers.

Optimizing the Bottom Of The Page

As I mentioned in the earlier part of the article that the upper left area is the beginning point of the reader to view your website, but it does not mean that the bottom of the webpage does not have an important part to play. So give equal importance to it as well and the visitor can find equally attractive when he/she makes navigates to this area.

Position of Navigation Menus

Finally, place the navigation tools and they are supposed to be on top of your website. Remember that many visitors come on the website with a specific target; therefore, you need to highlight the main attractions of your website in the navigation menu.

So keep all of these points in your mind prior to get any service for your web designing