It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or have just got your license to hit the highway for the first time. You need the following motorcycle accessories to minimize road risks and enjoy your ride to the fullest.

Riding Gear

Research shows that riding a motorcycle is at least 30 times more dangerous than driving a car. Did that scare you? Well, you don’t have to worry about that if you have the proper riding gear equipped.

  • Helmets

Surely, the most important part of your gear is the helmet. The right helmet protects your face and stays on during a crash. It also protects your face from dust and bugs. Most importantly, the absence of a helmet while riding means breaking the law.

  • Boots

Not only Motorcycle boots are fine-looking, but the ankle-high shoes also protect the bones in your feet and enhance traction.

  • Gloves

When you crash, you try to protect the rest of your body by extending your hands, trying to regain stability. If you want to protect your palms, knuckles, and fingers, get yourself a good pair of motorcycle gloves.

  • Pants and Jackets

Motorcycle pants and jackets are one of the most popular parts of safety gear, primarily because they keep your body warm in the cold weather, and also make you look badass. Gear with scrape-resistant body armor provides extra safety in case of a crash.


When you get familiar with your ride, you know how to tune it to get the best out of it. It also saves mechanic costs if you could do small repairs and make adjustments to your motorcycle yourself. Following are some important tools you should have:

  • Multi-tools with sockets
  • Tire and tube repair kit
  • Back, tank and tail bags
  • Personal power supply

Crash Protection

Crash protection such as frame sliders, bar ends, swingarm rolls, and fork sliders are cheap to buy. Crash protection can minimize damage to your bike resulting from slides and tip-overs. Crash protection gear absorbs most of the damage when you fall. Having the crash protections is far cheaper than motorcycle body parts.


If you do not have a garage to park your bike in, motorcycle covers are your best options to protect the paint and prevent dust to settle on your motorcycle.

Security Systems

It does not feel good to have your motorcycle stolen. Motorcycle superstores offer a variety of safety options from manual disc locks to advanced sophisticated electronic alarms.