Wondering whether or not an immersion heater would be a good choice for you? Choosing the right product might be difficult as there are multiple brands available in the market. However, to help you make the right decision, we have curated this detailed guide to immersion heater. In this guide, you will get to know about immersion heaters – how they work, their cost, benefits, and applications. Make sure to read the full article so that you can make a better decision while choosing an immersion water heater.

So, What is an Immersion Heater and How does it Work

An immersion electric heater is a cylindrical heating element used in several industries, including chemical plants, the power industry, food and beverage, metal processing, the oil and gas industry, etc. These bayonet heaters are an industrial solution for heating liquids stored inside containers or tanks. Unlike a cartridge heater, an immersion heater is a metal coil that is contained within a hot water cylinder. They use electricity to heat water. A hot water cylinder with bayonet heaters is commonly used in older central heating systems. It can be used to either store hot water generated by a boiler or as the primary method of heating water.

These water heaters are referred to as boilers or invented hot water systems. A lubricant heating system frequently fails when oil reservoirs age. Replacing these heating systems can be expensive and time-consuming. So, you should consider installing electric immersion heaters instead of replacing older heating systems. These units provide several advantages over other conventional heating systems, such as metal sheathed-style tubular units, due to their lower watt density.

How do Immersion Heaters Work?

These heaters operate in the same way as kettles. Both the immersion electric heaters and kettles have the same working process. Immersion water heaters use a metal element, such as a coil, that is immersed inside water. The product features an ON/OFF switch and is connected to the power using a cable. When you switch On the heater, the heating element in the water starts to increase the temperature and heats the water.

Heating time can vary from one to two hours, depending on the type of heater you buy from immersion heater manufacturers in India.  This is why insulating layers can be quite useful in maintaining a warm temperature and reducing heating-up time.

Applications of an Immersion Heater

An electrical immersion heater is another version of a cartridge heater, becoming more popular as a sort of heating appliance because they do not utilize gas and are an environmentally friendly option. Bayonet heaters are used in industries such as oil, gas, water treatment, agriculture, mining, and transportation to protect products from freezing in cold weather.

Oil and gas industry

In hard and cold conditions, immersion electric heaters prevent gas and oil from condensing into gel or wax. In such cases, over-the-side immersion heaters are the recommended alternative.

Food Processing

Moisture control is critical since it promotes the growth of bacteria and other microbes. Flange, screw plug, and over-the-side heaters help in sterilizing containers. Immersion heaters are widely employed in the food processing industry to ensure compliance with quality standards and government laws.

Chemical Industry

Immersion cartridge heaters are essential in the chemical industry for keeping chemicals at a constant temperature and preventing freezing. Over the side, flange, screw-in, duct, and circulation heaters all contribute to chemical safety.

Water Purification

Immersion heaters are used in water tanks to keep foreign compounds like chlorine, bacteria, and other pollutants out by heating and sterilizing the water.

Benefits of an Immersion Heater

Boosts Efficiency

Immersion heaters are efficient at transferring heat and using energy. They are a low-cost method of heating large quantities of liquids without producing significant waste. Because immersion cartridge heaters transfer energy directly into the medium, they are effective at preventing gelling and condensation.

Easy to Install

The simplicity of their design eliminates any possibility of failure or error, making them efficient and reliable. This is the reason why immersion heater suppliers in India manufacture electric heaters with simple designs. Simple installation means fewer down times during installation, which reduces losses and maintains efficiency.

Backup Supply of Hot Water

Immersion heaters have their own power supply and are not dependent on the boiler. As a result, even if your boiler fails, you will still have access to hot water.

Available at a Low Price

With the growing need to conserve fuel and reduce pollution, many businesses are turning to immersion heaters as they are an environment-friendly source of heating products. Bayonet heaters have gained popularity in recent years because of growing fuel costs. Heating applications have driven businesses to find a more cost-effective solution. Immersion cartridge heaters are the cleanest energy source since they produce no residual discharge while providing rapid and efficient heat transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to run an immersion water heater?

As you know, immersion water heaters use electricity to heat liquids, which makes them more expensive than traditional boilers. They typically need to be turned on for approximately two hours in order to provide hot water which can add up to quite an electricity bill at the end of the month.

How can you reduce the cost of using an immersion cartridge heater?

You can use an immersion heater with a thermostat and set it to a reasonable temperature. Using a thermostat with these heaters can save you money and effort as it automatically switches off your heater when reached the desired temperature. Although many new immersion tanks include an insulating layer, if you have an older tank, you should absolutely consider purchasing a lagging jacket.

Should you leave an immersion electric heater on all the time?

So, it totally depends on your needs – whether it is for industrial or commercial use. If you need a hot water supply all day, you can leave this heater on. However, this idea can cost you more and is not worth it. You can use an automatic thermostat with your electric heater instead of turning it on the full day. Furthermore, a well-insulated immersion water heater remains hot for a few hours.