Despite the unprecedented challenges imposed by the ongoing Covid-19, the world began to adapt to the new normal life. Despite a tumultuous economic period faced by British citizens, the UK had something to bask in the glory.

The glory of increased investments in the last 1 year despite the pandemic. The Uk economy has grown way more resilient than we would have thought.

The Increased expansion of SMEs led to a boom in the economy paving a way forward for bridging the gap between jobs and skilled professionals overseas.

We saw a record breaking investment of approximately £4.5bn through SMEs in addition to £8.8bn last year.

The UK lucrative market and ever advancing economy are providing favourable means to invest. For overseas businesses, this means that they can send their senior representatives to the UK to set up a small business or probably a subsidiary owned by the parent company established outside the UK.

A sole representative visa allows you to test the UK market’s credibility for your business without having to invest much.

This visa primarily allows only senior most individuals of a parent company to come to the UK as a sole representative of the UK business.

In this article we will cover what evidence you need to showcase as a sole representative visa applicant.

Before going to the evidence directly, let us understand the requirements asked by the Home Office.

Requirements for a sole representative visa

For a UK sole representative visa, there are certain requirements the organisation overseas needs to be fulfilled.

  • An actively trading business of the parent company overseas
  • The parent company’s primary operations must be overseas and will remain overseas.
  • The intention of the parent company must be to establish the business or a wholly owned subsidiary
  • This branch or subsidiary must have never be established before
  • A sole representative who will be taking care of the UK branch, must be skilled and efficient enough to handle the UK market trends and be able to take decisions independently on behalf of the parent company.
  • A sole representative must be able to meet the English language proficiency(A1 level)
  • A sole representative must not be holding majority stakes in the parent company
  • A sole representative visa prospective applicant must have enough financial support themselves in the UK.

Evidential requirements as a sole representative visa applicant

What employer needs to provide?

For seeking entry clearance as a prospective sole representative, the employer must evidence the the set UK sole representative visa documents

  1. Complete details of the business activities overseas, including the details of assets, account, previous employer or ownership or partnership details.
  2. A letter confirming that the parent organisation will establish only a branch or a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK
  3. Details of job employment, salary and contract terms of the prospective sole representative who will be coming to the UK.
  4. A letter from the employer confirming that the prospective sole representative is not a sales or marketing agent who has been hired for this job. He must be a full-time employee and hold a senior position within the parent company.
  5. A letter from the employer confirming that the prospective sole representative will be working for the parent company only and will not engage in outside activity in the UK.
  6. A letter confirming that the prospective sole representative does not hold a majority of shares in the company.
  7. A letter from the employer confirming that the prospective sole representative has relevant skills and experience and knowledge of the UK market and will be able to demonstrate decision making abilities on behalf of the parent company.
  8. One notarised statement which confirms 3 things
  9. The applicant is a sole representative to the UK
  10. Overseas branch will continue to hold principal office and operations
  11. The parent company does not have any subsidiary or branch previously set up in the UK.

Seeking legal advice for your application

The UK laws are growing stricter with each passing year, it is becoming increasingly important that you consult immigration lawyers UK  to help you with your application. It would be best if you could connect with A Y & J Solicitors, London. They are UK visa and immigration experts and can help you guide through the process and Home Office guidance on a sole representative visa application.

This could help you make an informed decision and open a path to a successful visa and immigration journey.

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